General Thoughts on Remote Work

Rejecting all requests for remote work is the easiest legal solution.  But it might leave a company with few or no employees.  A less extreme concept would be limiting remote work to short periods not to exceed sixty or ninety days within a calendar year but this might not be feasible either in this employment […]

Trade Secret Insurance Considerations


Trade secret insurance protects businesses from financial losses resulting from the theft, misappropriation, or unauthorized disclosure of their trade secrets.  A broad definition of trade secrets requires information to be (a) protected as confidential and proprietary; and (b) have economic value because the public does not have access to the information.  That being said, do […]

NDA No-Nos

It is common knowledge that a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) does not provide absolute protection of a company’s intellectual property or other proprietary information.  Unfortunately, many business owners are not advised with sufficient detail as to (1) why an NDA is insufficient and (2) how to keep an NDA enforceable. Receiving poor or no advice concerning […]