NDA No-Nos

It is common knowledge that a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) does not provide absolute protection of a company’s intellectual property or other proprietary information.  Unfortunately, many business owners are not advised with sufficient detail as to (1) why an NDA is insufficient and (2) how to keep an NDA enforceable. Receiving poor or no advice concerning […]

June 2022 Hotel Newsletter

HOTEL LAW NEWSLETTER – JUNE 2022 Seidman Law Group represents various clients in the hotel sector.  Our extensive work in this field requires us to stay current with the everchanging federal, state, and legal landscapes that affect our clients.   It is our pleasure to share insight into issues we recently encountered while advising our […]

Short Post: Defining “Indemnify”

Ironically, failure to properly define the word “indemnify” is the root of significant number of lawsuits because the definition varies from state to state.  In a majority of states, the duty to indemnify does not automatically include the duty to defend the indemnitee. A number of states, including California, define indemnification to cover both legal […]