AI and Hotel Security

It is unsurprising that many people have asked me whether the hotel could be held liable in some way for P. Diddy assaulting Cassie Ventura.  After watching the video and having no other information, my initial reaction is that Cassie Ventura does not have a claim against the hotel. Nothing in the video suggests that […]

Appraising the Choice of Appraiser

Business and real estate appraisals determine the damages awarded in larger commercial cases. Therefore, the credibility and quality of the appraisal report are paramount. Nonetheless, parties often choose their appraiser because they want the appraiser to provide a valuation that is higher or lower depending on the party’s preferred outcome. This can be a short-sighted […]

When Good Non-Recourse Loans Go Bad

More than $5 trillion of commercial real estate-related debt is scheduled to mature by the end of 2024.  Significant demand to refinance debt over the next fourteen months will occur regardless of economic conditions. But current and anticipated economic conditions for commercial real estate owners are not promising. Finding affordable refinancing opportunities will grow increasingly […]