Seidman Law Group provides bespoke legal services for operating businesses, startup businesses, business owners, and public figures.  

We are committed to providing clients with cost-effective legal services that emphasize responsiveness, compassion, and personalized attention.  Options include fixed fee and hourly billing arrangements.

Companies for Whom we Serve as Outsourced General Counsel

Seidman Law Group is proud to be located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Being based in Chicago, we work with local organizations. We also offer services across the globe through our network of lawyers and business executives.

Our Approach

Your outsourced
General Counsel

With an outsourced general counsel, you gain the advantages of having an in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost.  


We are proud to represent clients in exciting fields of work and ventures including sports & entertainment, NFTs, and tech startups.


Dispute Resolution Is A Necessary Evil

Although we often counsel our clients to avoid litigation, sometimes it is inevitable.  When this happens, we focus out efforts on the legal issues, business issues, and client objectives at the beginning of a dispute.  Doing so brings clients greater clarity of  expectations and procedural issues throughout the dispute resolution process. We have litigated before federal, state, and administrative courts.  Our experience goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where David played a significant role in the South Carolina State Ports Authority winning its case in FMC v. SCSPA in 2002.

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